Meet Our Lip Service Sundays Cast!

See the LSS cast perform at our weekly Sunday night drag show along with our many other special events held at Spiral Dance Bar. For more information, please visit or events page!



Ace DeVille

Ace DeVille is the Colorblind ClubKid of the Capitol City. Ace began performing at age 9 as a Circus Clown named “Yankee D”. The Circus continues to be a main source of inspiration to Ace’s entertainment career. Ace studied Theater and Fashion at Lansing Community College , and even worked as a seamstress at the LCC costume shop. Ace was added to Spiral Dance Bar’s house cast Halloween of 2009. Ace became known for high energy performances that pushed the limits of gender expression, and her fierce ability to host and MC any event. Spiral Dance Bar is always decorated with Ace’s Glitter.

Mention to Ace that you read her bio and receive one complimentary hug!

B Spectacular

B Spectacular has been doing drag for about 6 years now going on 7. He is your smooth, funny, high energy King. He loves the stage and his fans!!!

Dallas Rylee

Dallas Rylee is the new glitter King to the spiral house cast! He’s full of lots of energy and loves to rock out. He’s a very whimsical individual.  

“You will never meet another glitter King like me:)!”

Delicious Jackson

Delicious Jackson is the house mother and show director at Spiral Dance Bar. She started doing drag over 16 years ago and has been working at Club Spiral for 17 years. In her spare time she likes to watch movies, sew, shop with friends and spend time with my family. She also works at a day care and loves kids.

“Always remember to love yourself and stay blessed.”

Lady Gapenhole

Lady Gapenhole is everything but a lady! She’s spunky, clunky, funky, and chunky! Born and raised in Michigan, Lady Gapenhole (or Lady G for short) was trained to hunt, burrow, and live off the land like any other respectable human being. It wasn’t until Lady G was 16 years of age when she realized that life was more than just hunting and gathering- she was destined to be a star! Before she departed on her journey of stardom Lady G’s mother gave her words of wisdom “When you reach for the stars, aim for the lowest one you can find!”, so she traveled to Lansing. Lady Gapenhole loves to make you laugh, and if you tip her well or show her any form of compassion she will definitely get you a free drink. If you’re lucky she’ll even let you caress her voluptuous melons! She loves board games and her favorite one happens to be “Hungry Hungry Hippos”, the more tips you feed her the crazier she becomes!

Liliana Galore

Lilliana Galore lives in Muskegon, Michigan and has been performing for many years while only being a drag performer for the past three years. She never knew how much hard work it took being a drag queen, however Liliana learned quickly and challenged herself to the fullest to be the best she could be without any help on her makeup and look! Her very serious attitude and love for preforming is only matched by her gratitude to her supporters. Her fans mean everything to her and loves greeting and getting to know them. Liliana represents herself in a well mannered way and has traveled to many places to perform and has seen many faces along the way. She has a killer body, beautiful personality, very funny, pretty face, and well hey, what more could you want?

Edora Diamond

Edora is a former show director at Spiral Dance Bar.   She has been working a the art of female illusion for over 15 years.   She works as a licensed pharmacy technician as is working on getting her doctorate to become a pharmacist.  She is attempting to attend U of M pharmacy school in the fall of 2017.  She enjoys watching Game of Thrones, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., movies, and hanging out with friends.  

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”





Velma Violet

Velma Violet is one of the newest members of the Spiral House Cast and our resident rocker girl! Along with her crazy side, Velma loves to make people laugh whether on stage or at the bar with a drink in her hand. Catch her at Spiral for Lip Service Sundays and she’ll be sure to rock your world!


Maria Angelica Mirelez

Bio coming soon! 

Candy Lipgloss Contour

Bio coming soon!


Asio Aviance

Bio coming soon!

Chelsea Del Ray

February will mark her 30 years as a professional female impersonator. In those 30 years she’s won 81 titles and traveled the country ..she’s living proof you can teach a old dog new tricks ..she’s from Coldwater MI where she’s a hair dresser and married to the male stripper Chrome Delray.


Melody lights

Melody lights is the diamond in the rough from Jackson MI. A new queen to the Lansing area but she has been doing drag for six years. At age 21 she took the risk of losing her family; she came out of the closet to her family after keeping this deep dark secret for many years. She was finally free to show the world this ray of light that is Melody! She lost one family but quickly built a new one form the ground up.
Melody lights classifies herself as a shape shifting witch who goes with the flow and learns from other people’s mistakes. She may be the new queen on the scene but watch out, she might surprise you.